Create your own Hallieflies!

In Loving Memory of Hallie Grace Davis
In Loving Memory of Hallie Grace Davis

Hallieflies is a term created by one of Hallie's heroes to describe Hallie and butterflies, since she was known as a "Butterfly Baby" due to EB. We decided to use that term to create a campaign to help raise awareness and help Hallie Grace see the world in spirit!

All you need to do is get some butterfly garden stakes and attach cards to spread awareness using Hallie's story. You can put the cards in bags to attach and keep them waterproof. Other than that, you just need some tape (packing tape works great!) and paper for printing (cardstock is preferable) or somewhere to have them printed.

Then just "drop" the Halliefly around where you live or wherever you travel! You can put them in your own yard, parks, tourist spots, rest stops, etc! Anywhere you can plant them in the ground! Feel free to get creative too!

​Once you drop a Halliefly (feel free to drop as many as you want!), please send us a note on the contact page and let us know where so we can add it to the Map! Let's see how far Hallie and her story can FLY! ❤️